Arts + Culture in Sussex

Have you seen the movie “The Jungle Book”? It is based on Rudyard Kipling’s beloved story. The movie is undoubtedly a Disney classic. And, Kipling is indeed a British legend and inspiration. His poems and stories are beloved around the world. He was one of the most popular writers in England. Do you know where he spent a lot of his time writing? He wrote and walked in the great town of Sussex. If you have ever been to the great area of Sussex than you would know that it is an area full of art and culture. It is no wonder then that such a creative individual like Kipling would want to walk the streets of Sussex and get inspired.

Do you want to be inspired? Many creative people are drawn to Sussex because it has so much art and culture to offer. Some of the best images around the world are found in the area. And, you will also come to know some wonderful stories that shaped the area. All of the culture shapes the current and more contemporary artistic area that makes up Sussex today. Come visit the area today.

There are so many uplifting activities to do in the city. You can go to one of the finest operas at the Glyndebourne. Or, if you love architecture, visit De La Warr Pavilion, Pallant House, Brighton Museum, and Cass Sculpture Foundation. The town has several theaters. Two popular ones include the Chichester Festival Theater and Beighton’s Theater Royal. Both theaters have lively performances and great entertainment. Lastly, when you are in Sussex, you have to visit the many different art festivals. They have open houses and fringe events. There is a festival going on all the time, so check into it and attend the one that interests you.

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